Beautifully renovated lobby that preserves natural light and air quality
Bus Stop Enclosure with Green Roof
Prometheus - Open Floor plan that maximizes natural light

Green Features

We believe green building means more than incorporating energy efficient features into our plans. It means comprehensive, integrated capital improvements that enhance tenant experience, as well as hands-on management that encourages an involved, dynamic community.

Green By Design

  • Green finishes and systems for better indoor air quality
  • Open floor plans that maximize natural light, help tenants control their thermal comfort and minimize turnover waste
  • Beautifully renovated lobby that preserves natural light and air quality
  • Lighting retrofits and state-of-the-art HVAC to improve building efficiency and reduce costs for tenants.
  • Bike storage and shower facilities to encourage carbon-free commuting

Active Management

  • Responsive on-site management team and 24/7 emergency service
  • Green cleaning and integrated pest management to improve air quality and tenant health
  • Green tenant improvement standards to maximize tenant experience and minimize environmental impacts
  • Tenant/management “charettes” to promote feedback and improve communication.

Why Go Green?

Better for the bottom line
Studies show that green buildings tend to be 35% more efficient and cost $.50 per square foot less to operate than the average office building. Savings are passed through to tenants in terms of lower occupancy costs.

Better for your employees
By providing fresh air and natural light and reducing environmental toxins, green buildings can increase productivity, cut absenteeism, increase retention, and reduce insurance costs.

Better for the planet
Green buildings emit less greenhouse gas and generate less solid waste, delivering an average 35% reduction in carbon emissions.